Audionauts is an affordable service to get your podcast edited and mastered by a professional sound engineer.
Services included
"Under the hood" things you might be interested to know.
Audio processing
  • Equalization (balancing)
  • Volume leveling and compression
  • Noise reduction, hiss/hum and clicks removal
  • Room tone (reverb) suppression
  • Inserting and placing intro/outro, ads and other segments in order
  • Adding music
  • Mixing altogether
  • Cutting out bad takes, coughs, heavy breath, lip-smacking, loud plosives, false starts on words, stuttering, stalling, fumbling, repeated words, "ums" and "ahs" etc (advanced podcast editing plan only)
  • Pre-intro, post-outro talking and dead air removal
  • Trimming clips based on your cues
  • Mastering and setting perceived loudness level to the industry standard for internet, mobile and podcast audio consumption
  • Encoding, ID3 tagging and cover art inclusion
How it works
Record and prepare source files
Record, and prepare your audio, background music intro/outro, ads (if you have any) and other segments for uploading. We accept wav, aiff, mp3, m4a, mp4 file formats as well as Audacity & Garage Band project files. Write down notes by pointing us with timestamps of episode start, end, parts to cut, ads and any other segments placement order, etc. If you don't have a background music track, we will pick one from our libraries for free.
Choose your plan
If you are just starting with our podcast editing services pick up free trial, otherwise, choose between basic editing or an advanced one. If something doesn't fit your requirements, just contact us and we'll manage a custom order.
Upload and submit
Upload all necessary source files to Dropbox, Google Drive or Wetransfer and share the link with us. Don't forget to allow access to Fill the form, make a payment. We are keeping it simple and streamlined, so there is no need to register or provide any personal data.
Wait for confirmation
After submitting the form, we will check all the things you sent and confirm that we have everything we need, understand your requirements and are ready to proceed. If we will have additional questions - we'll message you with them.
Take a break
We will send you back the finished and "ready-to-be published" file within 2 to 5 business days (depends on a plan you choose).
Still, have questions? Check out our Frequently Asked Questions section.
Free trial episode editing
Try it out and see if it works great for you. No credit card required, no strings attached.
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Advanced podcast editing
If you want to have a polished and (almost) perfect podcast episode. Up to 30 minutes long.
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Advanced podcast editing plus
If you want to have a polished and (almost) perfect podcast episode. Up to 60 minutes long.
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If none above doesn't fit your requirements, just let us know and we'll arrange a custom deal for you.
Podcasts we helped to sound better
Our clients spread some love to us
I've been working with Andy for over a year with my show Networking With Michelle. The thing I appreciate the most working with Andrew is his solid communication and quick turn around on getting episodes back to me. I am proud to have him on my team!
Michelle Ngome
I love working with Andy and have been doing so for several years. Andy has helped edit and optimize countless of my podcast recordings. He is fast, highly skilled and very responsive. My hope is that I can continue to work with Andy for many years to come.
Mikael Rieck
I have been using this service for six months and they are fantastic. They have a quick turnaround, professional service at great prices. Highly recommend them.
Jessie-Lynn McDonald
Andy is a great podcast editor. He's polite, great at receiving feedback and has been my podcast editor for over a year now! I highly recommend his work and appreciate his professionalism and diligence in producing a great product.
Robyn Baldwin
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