Frequently asked questions
How do we know that you're providing quality services? What can we expect from you?

We are so confident that we offer you a free trial episode editing. Try it out and decide for yourself.

What's the difference between basic and advanced editing?

With basic editing, we do not edit episode's content, except cutting long pauses/dead air and off-talks at the start/end of audio file. With advanced editing, we carefully listen to the whole episode and cutting out "ums", "ahs", lip-smacking, coughs, heavy breath, loud plosives, false starts on words, stuttering, stalling, fumbling, repeated words, etc wherever possible.

Is it safe for us to send you files?

Yes, it is. We respect privacy and copyright and will not share any of your files and will use them exclusively to produce your podcast. We will keep your files for one week once the job is finished should you want to make changes. Then it's gone forever.

Which files do you need for work?

We need your podcast recording, intro and outro audio clips, ad clips, background music, cover artwork, instructions (if you have any). Contact us and we'll sort everything up.

Ok, I don't have intro/outro recordings but I really want it.

Contact us and we'll arrange to record it for you by a professional voice over artist.

But I don't have background music tracks. Can you help?

Absolutely. Let us know and we'll help you to pick one from our extensive library of music tracks.

Also, I don't have podcast cover art. Are you going to fix this one?

We can do it. Just contact us and we'll manage it.

One more. Can you do transcription?

We haven't implemented transcription service at present but it's under consideration. Check back with us in the future.

How will we be delivering your ready-to-be-published file?

We'll send you the link to download via dropbox. Or even we can upload it to your host on request.

What is your turnaround time?

We're offering 48 hours turnaround time during business days. Usually, it is less than that.

I want to have my podcast on the same day!

Contact us and we'll try hard to make it happen.

I want to have an audiogram to upload for video hosting sites!

Your wish is our command. We are offering that for as low as $7 per episode (additionally).

Do you have monthly packages instead of single buying?

We can offer that! We haven't implemented it to the site yet but if you'll contact us with your details we'll shoot you a quote.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards through Paypal.

Anything else to help with?

Just drop us a line
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